Markdown Test

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Seriously. go home. Please.

Seriously. go home. Please.

What about “quotes” you say? I don’t know–maybe not–can we find out… Like ‘quotes’ or just “quotes?”

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Markdown Test  

So , and any other points on that line, are all possible solutions to this matrix equation.

  1. If we set the current to any other value , the voltage across the two terminals will be along the straight line connecting those two points on the V-I plane:

Or on its own:

How about inline equations? Yeah, that works. With underscores? And more?

Inline accidental html? but this should NOT be bold

What if we have some money involved?

What if we have some money involved? . That should be fine, right? .

How about standalone ones?

And multi-line?

What if I leave blank lines?

OK, now we’re cooking.

How about a circuit?

Exercise It’s a thing! Click it! Click it now.

What if we Nest these? Will it Still work????


What about tags in Headings where conventional things work?  

Let’s do serious equation things:

We could equivalently write this matrix equation even more compactly as an augmented matrix as described in the Systems of Equations section:

Inline Math! & 5 < 3 > x  

Before , between .

In fact, depending on the structure of our equations and for really huge values of , it might be appropriate (though usually is not!) to take the full limit of :

For “small” , by which we really mean , a new approximation is needed for our function .

But, for values of close to 1, we can approximate this fraction with a simpler expression that doesn’t have an in the denominator. Here’s how we can construct the tangent line around the point :